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We make your success our priority.

Operating on a global scale through an international sales and distribution network, Antatrade Materials Trading is your partner for long-term success. With our local contacts around the world we are represented where the customers need us. Our core capabilities embrace complex logistic services for raw and finished materials along with supply chain dependability and consultancy for the downstream manufacturing and metalworking industries.


The driving force, motivation and inspiration behind our activities are our customers. Listening, understanding and then tailoring solutions to cope with new challenges: this is our mission to allow customers to concentrate on their core business.


The basis of our global network are our service-oriented employees. With their longstanding expertise in matters such as product, market and price developments as well as cultural facets, they enable us to precisely understand customer requirements and map out individual solutions from financing down to tailor-made transport concepts.


Thanks to our excellent network of relationships on the raw materials markets including exclusive marketing rights for such things as ilmenite, silica , bauxite, phosphate rock , quarz , iron ore  and our outstanding contacts with international ferroaloys manufacturers we can ensure optimum price/performance ratios for our products and services.


Antatrade Materials Trading wants to succeed together with you. Focus on your success and we'll take care of everything else. As a successful integrated system partner and universal material and raw material supplier we make your success our priority.


Just contact us - together we can create the best opportunities for further sustainable growth.


Fatma Adiloglu is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Antatrade . Prior to Antatrade, Ms. Fatma  was a founding partner of the Bluebell LTD and the Chief Investment Officer of the mine finance business. 

At Antatrade, Ms. Fatma  is responsible for all aspects of strategy development, deal origination, investment management and portfolio management across a broad portfolio of investment types, including public equity, private equity, debt, convertible debt, royalties and product streams. His management responsibilities include team development, mentoring, process design and implementation, governance and control development, succession planning, and cash management. 

Oksana Uygun 
VP Marketing

Vael Hassan Adıloglu is the co founder and Chief Investment Officer of Antatrade . Before joining Antatrade , Vael Hassan Adıloglu  was at  VHA Real Estate. At Antatrade , Vael Hassan is  identifit, evaluat and execute a wide range of private equity transactions, and work with a number of portfolio companies, assisting with various strategic, metalurgic financial companys . He close transactions in public and private equity, streaming, royalties, offtake and public and private clients. He also established and manage Antatrade’s long-short liquid portfolio. 

VP Accounts
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